Unique Ways To Use Hired Function Rooms

Traditionally, most of us only think of hiring a function room in West Sussex for events like big birthday parties, weddings, or corporate events. But the reality is that these venues can be used for anything your heart desires, from workshops and classes to mini film screenings. In this blog, we’ll be sharing some of our ideas about how you can use our function room in Crawley at The Maple Manor Hotel!

Themed Parties

Themed parties

Hiring a function room as your party venue can be a great way to take your themed party to the next level, whether you’re throwing it for adults or for kids. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with throwing a themed party at home, hiring a function room often means you have a blank canvas to decorate to your heart’s content, and you don’t have to worry about your things getting broken. Most of all, a party venue for hire will give you plenty of space to invite more people to celebrate with you!

Themed party ideas:

  • Retro party – 70s, 80s, 90s
  • Roaring Twenties party
  • Halloween party
  • Festival theme party
  • Tropical theme party
  • Neon party

Check out our other reasons why you should hire a function room in West Sussex for your next party in our blog!

Art Exhibitions

art exhibitions

Holding a pop up art exhibition is another fantastic way to use a hired function room. Many venues for hire in West Sussex can provide a beautiful backdrop to a variety of works, from illustrations and paintings to sculptures and pottery. Choosing a licensed venue will mean you can easily pop open a few bottles of bubbly to celebrate your opening night, and a function room in Crawley like The Maple Manor Hotel can also provide delicious nibbles to keep your guests fed throughout the evening.

Gaming Tournaments

gaming tournaments

A function room can be a great place to hold a gaming tournament, whether it’s cards, chess, or Cluedo. You can choose just one game to focus on, or you can choose a few and have your guests rotate through each one, accumulating points as they go. Consider picking games which everyone tends to be familiar with and which don’t take too long, such as Pictionary or Scrabble. Setting a time limit for each turn or each game can also help keep things moving.

Board and card game tournament ideas:

  • Chess tournament
  • Scrabble tournament
  • Pictionary tournament
  • Monopoly tournament
  • Rummy tournament
  • Uno tournament
  • Trivial Pursuit tournament

A hired venue provides the perfect setting for such an event, as everyone will have a proper place to sit at a table – not something you can usually achieve at home! It also gives you the option to open up the event to the public – you could even make it into a charity event.

Workshops and Classes

Workshop and classes

Get creative – literally – and use a function room in Crawley in lieu of a spacious studio to run various workshops and classes. Having a proper space to provide guidance to your clients improves their experience, and there’s a huge range of creative activities a venue like this can support, including:

  • Jewellery making
  • Figure painting
  • Handbuilding pottery
  • Sewing workshop
  • Embroidery class
  • Crochet or knitting workshops
  • Origami workshop
  • Flower arranging or wreath making class
  • Photography workshop

As a function room is a blank canvas, you can arrange it however you need, with plenty of tables and chairs available for you to use.

Book Readings & Author Events

book readings and author events

Venues in West Sussex can offer charming, quiet spaces to host book and author-related events such as book signings and book readings. Venues like The Maple Manor Hotel can also offer refreshments throughout – and not just biscuits and juice! Hiring a function room for your book reading allows for plenty of room and seating, offering the best experience for attendees.

Mini Film Screenings

mini film screening

You don’t need a huge flatscreen TV or a professional cinema projector to host a film screening! All you need is a portable projector and something to use as a screen – whether it’s a proper projector screen, a whiteboard, a bedsheet, or a simple white wall. Hiring a function room in West Sussex for your mini film screening allows you plenty of seats for your guests, plus freedom to decorate the room however you’d like. Consider using fairy lights to make the area more cosy, and don’t forget the popcorn!

Networking/Business Events

networking and business events

Networking events are another great way to utilise the space a venue for hire in Surrey gives you. Rather than opening your home to people you’re developing professional relationships with, or trying to cram everyone into a busy bar or coffee shop, you get a polished space all to yourselves. Whether it’s a casual event where people can pop in for coffee or for a drink in the evening, or a more official occasion with people giving talks, a function room offers you the flexibility to do it all.

Photography Studio

photography studio

A hired function room in Surrey can be used for more than just events. Consider using a venue as your photography studio for the day. Different venues will provide different backdrops, from rustic to modern, and you should also choose one which offers the right amount of natural light. You may want to use it for a photoshoot, taking advantage of the empty space and filling it with whatever you need for the shoot.

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